• 1.15 Litre Universal Plus 360 Hand Pressure Sprayer Chemicals

    This handy 1 litre working capacity hand pressure sprayer is supplied with viton seals making it suitable for use with many corrosive chemicals as [...]

    Price £14.29

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  • 1 Litre Heavy Duty N0. 540 Trigger Spray

    Chemical resistant heavy duty trigger spray which is suitable for use with acids and other aggressive chemicals.   Fitted with Viton piston w

    Price £2.71

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  • Cuprinol Nozzle Assembly

    Nozzle Assembly for Cuprinol Fence Pressure Sprayer: 990 Nozzle Assembly 

    Price £5.22

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  • Cuprinol Nozzle Parts

    Nozzle Parts for Cuprinol Fence Pressure Sprayer: x2 664 Filter x2 665 Nozzle Tip x2 666 Pre-Orifice&nb

    Price £3.86

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  • 5 Litre Profi Plus Pressure Sprayer Industry Clean Construction

    This pressure sprayer is ideal for use in industrial estates and cleaning and construction industries. The sprayer is easy to use and

    Price £70.59

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  • 6 Litre K6 Plastic Pressure Sprayer, 3 Bar Safety Valve

    This 4.5 litre working capacity pressure sprayer is suitable for the construction industry and comes complete with brass fittings and a safety valve [...]

    Price £35.81

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  • 2 Litre Hand Pressure Sprayer, Continuous Spray Mechanism

    This 2 litre hand pressure sprayer has a patented device that blocks the lever in a normal or in a continuous spray position. Key Features:

    Price £12.64

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  • E+ NG Electric Backpack Garden & Home Sprayer

    New electric back sprayer with a 15-litre capacity. Highly equipped for crop protection. Fibreglass lance with adjustable blue conic nozzle. Membrane [...]

    Price £251.16

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  • L.V Elbow for Herbicides

    This Low Volume Elbow for Herbicides is compatible with the following sprayers:

    Price £9.65

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  • 10 Litre Ferrox Dust Suppression Bottle 3585W

    Key Features: Capacity 10 litres Total Capacity 13 litres Polyester Coated Steel Tank 2.5 me

    Price £112.84

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  • 1.5 Litre IK Foam Hand Pressure Sprayer Cleaning Disinfect

    IK Foam sprayers are specifically manufactured for the generation of dry and long lasting foam. The IK Foam sprayers range provides the user a dense [...]

    Price £17.20

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  • 5.4m Telescopic Lance

    Ideal for spraying roofs with moss killer etc. and for reaching the top of tall fruit trees. This fiber glass 5.4m Telescopic Lance is [...]

    Price £63.64

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  • 10 Litre Ferrox Plus Pressure Sprayer 3585P, Heavy Duty

    This steel pressure sprayer is used primarily in the building industry for clean and uniform spraying of formwork oil. Key Features:

    Price £130.99

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  • 25cm CurvedExtension Lance for Delta Tek Sprayer

    25cm Curved Extension Lance for Delta Tek Sprayer. Includes adjustable nozzle.

    Price £3.39

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  • 14 Litres Solo Dust Suppression Water Bottle Diamond Cutting

    This is an economical alternative to the expensive dust suppression models on the market. A useful piece of equipment when using diamond cutting [...]

    Price £20.47

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  • 12 Litre IK Multi Industrial Pressure Sprayer Industrial

    This sprayer is suitable for most industrial purposes. Made of special, high-resistance materials for use with various chemicals. All s

    Price £61.63

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  • 9 Litre IK ALK Industrial Alkaline Pressure Sprayer

    Seals, materials and hose resistant to alkaline substances, alcohols, acetones and all kinds of chemical agents used in the world of di

    Price £61.43

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  • Pressure Regulator - Knapsack Sprayers

    Can be set for spraying at 1.5 bar This Pressure Regulator is compatible

    Price £9.02

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  • No 27 Solo Brass Pump Action Garden Sprayer

    First manufactured by us (Solo Sprayers Ltd) in 1925 and we are still making them this present day! Known as the model 27, the traditional brass [...]

    Price £27.14

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  • Cuprinol Safety Valve

    Safety Valve for Cuprinol Pressure Sprayer: 269 Safety Valve All prices include VAT. Total o

    Price £2.57

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  • Set of Nozzles

    This nozzle set contains the following parts: Nozzle Holder Filter and cap Yellow Deflector Tip Orange and ye

    Price £6.31

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